1. Stay

From the recording The Getaway Drivers

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Stay, stay in my eyes
and stay away from honey-sweet lies
if you have leave don't let it be tonight
Let's just sit right here and look at the sky

Hold me me like you'll never let go
Because I'm cold and there's an ache in my soul
And we don't know where the wind blows
Just let me hold you a little more like we'll never let go
Hold you a little more like we'll never let go

Stay, if you think you can
Or slip away but what would we have then?
Should love ever make demands?

Do we know where the river runs?
Ebb and flow, we're the passionate ones
Do we come and go, or do we move as one?
Can't know for now, my love the night's getting on
No way to to know my love the night's getting on

Stay, so we can understand
Our love, I really think we can
For today, just let me hold your hand

Stay, stay in my heart
Where I pray we never do part
Don't want to stop before we start

Music by Manor & Shigley
Lyrics by Shigley
S. Shigley & R. ManorAll Rights Reserved