We have not only recorded many TGD tracks in our little project studio, but have had the privilage of recording other bands here as well.  On this page we will give you samples of TGD recordings in progress, as well as samples from other bands we've recorded.  

BLUE Blueberry Microphone. A detailed vocal mike with low proximity effect that makes vocals sit pretty in the mix.

THE microphone for all applications: The original and classic AKG C414 ULS for vocals, acoustic guitars, and much more. A mellow yet precise microphone.

1958 Gibson J-50. This is the guitar I picked up at age 11 and learned to play. With Dad's help, of course. I usually leave it in open D tuning, thus the Led Zep III on the wall for companionship.

And what is a studio without a sweet sounding Deering open-back banjo to make things interesting.