1. Oh Trudy

From the recording The Getaway Drivers

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Oh Trudy

Lookin' at you pourin' coffee on a Tuesday
your hair pulled back and your apron on
tiny hairs on your arms lay softly
across my eyes as you fill me up

Oh my Trudy
you know I'm lookin' at the real deal
oh my Trudy
if you only knew how you make me feel

moving gracefully from table to table
like a dancer in a ballet song
filling ketchup bottle on the counter
you know I swear I'd never do you wrong


Lookin' up from my coffee cup
I see your smile and the sun comes up
shining eyes through a cigarette
tells me I shouldn't give up just yet

Oh my Trudy baby makes it look easy
bacon, eggs, and a summer smile
maybe someday on a Saturday morning
I'll be your baby wait on you for a while

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