1. Fast Driver

From the recording The Getaway Drivers

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Fast Driver

She's a fast driver
she'll fly right through you with her eyes
Moving through the blue
hot hell on a breeze
you know she'll burn you
and she will kill you
right before she loves you
she will fill your chest with lead
and kiss you 'till you're dead

She lit her cigarette in my mouth
then she put it out
she left her suitcase on my front porch
and a taxi waiting out back

she's a black spider
dressed in silver, red and blue
and her liquid smile will glide you
through a silken hue
fast driver
undercover outlaw on the move
she swears she's innocent
and I believe her

She left her red dress under my bed
then she disappeared
she left her perfume on my pillow
and a lipstick note on my mirror

and it's all so clear.

R. Manor 2007 ASCAP