The Switchback

To Steve's surprise, Bob pulled over and handed him the wheel with a nonchalance that belied a long-perfected habit of reading the Cellist's mind.

Gail & Barbara lay snoring in the back seat, utterly worn out by the previous evening's…Read more

Trust the Driver

everybody knows what we're looking for. take us there.

Ever Been to Darby?

a while back we were driving up the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, on the run from, or maybe, for a change, chasing after a who or a what that by now I can't place.

Bob gazed away, up into the… Read more

Practice at Powers Ave

Something's wrong with Bob's leg.

The Fiddliste in a Dentyne moment.

The Drummiste--faster than the speed of light or at least the light setting.

Thurberfest Memorabilia

The unsuspecting neighborhood.

E-Man formulates the Master Plan.

First order of business: Beer. Canadian. Now.

Sean Michael Dargan
Thurberfest 2007
into official existence.

Unable to resist the call of the pipes, hordes of Irishmen storm the stage, led by…Read more

The Kid disappears...

So much had happened...

so very, very much.

The Drivers, exhausted from their seemingly endless traverse through Canada, had at long last made it across the North Dakota border.

The Kid, picked up only hours before, had requested a pit-stop…Read more

3 Piece Adjustable Getaway: Debut!!!

Dateline June 16, 2007: At half our number--or just slightly under half, depending on fortune's whims--the 3 Piece Adjustable Getaway plays smooth and sweet to an appreciative crowd at Mother Fool's. Mothers--none being fools--were spotted in the audience!! The only…Read more