The road up the mountain was winding and treacherous.  Steve cursed as he jerked the wheel to miss an ill-placed rock.  The night air steamed through the rolled down windows.  It was hot.  "Is it getting hotter in here or…Read more

Escape from Wildcat Mountain

The respite at Echo Valley was much needed.  The Getaway Drivers stayed nearly a year, working on the farm and keeping out of sight.  But they were restless and needed to get back on the road.  Saying goodbyes on that…Read more

Escape to Echo Valley

  The revival was bank. No had one expected that instead of the 'Drivers playing a show, Dan would have to give the impromtu sermon of his life. Sheila and Tom had passed the collection plate around not once, but twice… Read more

Sweat, tears and speaking tongues

With each rise and fall of Dan's voice, the spiritual agitation grew, and the night wore on, hot and sweaty. The crowd pressed closer, mezmorized by the cadence and reverberations coming from the guitarist's mouth. Tom and Sheila hung toward…Read more

The Revival

As they walked out onto the stage, The Getaway Drivers realized that the "gig" Steve arranged was not at all what they expected. Thinking on his feet, Dan pulled a bible out of his guitar case. It was going to…Read more

The band takes a serious turn . . .

Dan & Barbara've been with us a year.
She-Gail for three.
The other Drivers' pedigrees trail off into the mists of time.
We just opened at the Majestic.
This is getting serious.

Elusive stars surface...

Aha . . . here they are. None, be they however elusive, can escape the able tendrils of Blogger.

The Stars of Blizzardi Gras 2008

She-Gail-Rah is MIA.

But--regardez nos visages!!--we are not bovvered and will seek our own stardom at the next gig, which will be on MARCH 8th @ 7PM @ 622 Piper Drive!!