Escape from Wildcat Mountain

The respite at Echo Valley was much needed.  The Getaway Drivers stayed nearly a year, working on the farm and keeping out of sight.  But they were restless and needed to get back on the road.  Saying goodbyes on that spring evening was hard, but summer loomed and there was work to do and money to make.  They had lost Tom and Dan during the winter.  Tom found his one true love- a woman from Chicago who seemed to know what he was thinking before he said it.  They moved on to a quaint small town fond of troll statues and settled in a new old house with some of the dough they'd made.  Dan took up revival preaching full time, having discovered a new talent.  Steve had traded the van for a Winnebago off in town.  He fired it up and off went what was left of the gang towards Wildcat Mountain.  With Steve at the wheel, they plunged down the narrow dark highway as the sun set. As the the mountain appeared like a Mordor shadow in the star-filled sky ahead, Sheila said, "Hey, what are those lights, and did that star just, like, move?"  Little did they know what was going to happen next.